PAMPANGA EATS: Rainforest Kichene by Chef Vince Garcia

It really inspires me to work hard to achieve my goals when I hear success stories from people from their respective fields like Chef Vince Garcia. We had a sit-down lunch with him in his restaurant, Rainforest Kichene. As the lunch goes by he told us his humble beginnings from a young boy selling pandesal around his neighborhood to a now renowned chef here in Pampanga. This 27-year-old chef has two restaurants – Rainforest Kichene and Velvet Ganache. His third restaurant, En Croute, is in construction right now.

Chef Vince told us that he is very hands-on when it comes to his food. He even personally goes to the market just to pick up “Chef Vince approved” ingredients that he will need.

As Chef Vince said, the food served in Rainforest Kichene need not to be complicated and only straight-forward delicious. He only wants his guest to go out of his restaurant satisfied and happy. Having a first-hand experience, I can truly say that Chef Vince never fails to put a smile on his customers’ faces.

Scroll down for mouth-watering food photos!

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